Scoring The MYA Heat Management System 2022
Updated 6/7/2022)

Click here to download the HMS Scoring System Programme (Zip file)

The MYA Heat Management System (HMS) is the race management system normally used in the UK to allow many boats to compete in an event by using a number of heats. It is a progressive development of the Peter Stollery EORS (Equal Opportunity Racing System).

HMS has been adopted by the IRSA and IOMICA for world class events.

The file HMS 2022 Scoring(v1).xlsm, which can be extracted from the zip file HMS2022(v1a).zip (downloadable from this site - see link above) is an Excel workbook specifically tailored to score HMS.

Originally developed by Mike Kemp in Lotus 123 for EORS, it was updated and modified by John Walter to Excel 97 and HMS and since modified, enhanced and kept up to date for HMS by Henry Farley and Herman van Beek.

It does just about everything needed to score an event of up to 84 boats, in 5 heats and 41 races.

It will also handle single heat events where, unlike HMS, Race 1 is treated like every other race.

HMS 2022 Scoring  is basically the previous version updated to score NSC and BFD , whilst retaining the upper limit of 84 boats in an event

The single button on the Score Sheet which reveals various options has an option that produces a tidy version of the Score Sheet as a pdf for Excel 2007 or later editions. For earlier versions of Excel advice is given to install a 'pseudo' printer to produce pdfs.


Open the file with Excel 97 or later. Immediately Save As with a name of your choice e.g. MyEvent.

Move to the Score Sheet and enter the details of the event (Event, date, Host)

On the Score Sheet enter Skippers names, their Sail Nos. and other details in the columns provided.

For each Race move to the Race Results sheet and enter Sail Nos. for each Heat in the finishing order.

After any Race you can go to the Score Sheet and click on the Program Options button.

This will give you the choice of printing either the Summary Sheet or a complete set of results in colour from the Score Sheet, either will automatically break any ties.

The link above downloads a zip file HMS2022(v1a).zip containing the Excel Workbook and a PDF document of instructions.


HMS 2022 Scoring(v1a).xls is the Excel Workbook saved as Read Only.
It is compatible with all versions of Excel from 97 onwards but no other spreadsheets.




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