The sailing facilities at Lee Valley are set in a beautiful part of the Lee Valley Regional Park. You can see here two well known Model Yachting faces enjoying a chat in the luxurious club house - complete with seat

Views of the lake and 'The famous Club House'

The tree in the picture is no longer an impediment to obtaining a good view of the course (see why) - but it could, in days gone by, be a bit of a challenge at times

No longer a challenge picture

It's a wet launch at Lee Valley as you can see below - so bring your yellow wellies (or preferably, waders). If you don't posses any then come anyway as a club member will always launch your boat for you. There is always a rescue boat on hand too for recovery of boats 'out of control'.


The Six Metre Yacht is a beautiful and popular class at LVMYC

"Revival" and "Rococo" six metre pictures

The Tonic and Italico One Metre yachts seen here have been popular boats among members over the years.

The popular Tonic and Italico One Metre yacht pictures

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